April Moen

I was born in 1977 with a pencil in my hand, and I remained perfectly content with that medium until 1999 when I got my first computer. I taught myself the basics of Photoshop on a discount copy of PS Elements 7 (trust me, it’s downright primitive), and haven’t looked back since. After studying Digital Design at The Art Institute, my repertoire expanded to include vector illustrations and digital painting. Now I create my work on a virtual canvas rather than a physical one, though my techniques and skill sets are not really that different than any other painter. Every line or stroke you see on the canvas is done by my hand, either as a preliminary sketch on paper, or “painted” directly into Photoshop. My finished work is then professionally printed on selected substrates (paper, canvas, metal, etc.) and enhanced with a variety of products to create unique mixed media pieces.

Graphic designer Neville Brody once said, “Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries,” and I feel that is the true beauty of working in a digital medium – the unlimited freedom it allows me to experiment with color and light ranges, textures and techniques, without the fear of ruining the piece with a misplaced stroke of the brush. That freedom allows me to fully embrace the joy of the creation process and to push myself to learn and grow as an artist in new ways every day.

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