Raymond J. Klein


I found out about cameras and photography in the 7th grade. I was fascinated with the idea that you could process and print your own images in a darkroom. My dad let me use his Kodak folding camera, which to me was a pretty sophisticated piece of equipment. We had an idle coal bin in the basement of our house, located under the porch facing the street. It was just the right size for a darkroom. Before you know it, my friends wanted me to develop their film and print their pictures. I was in business!
I was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin, my progressive high school actually had press type cameras and flash equipment and a real DARKROOM! My biology teacher was in charge and he inspired me to begin processing color film and prints, WOW! I wanted to make this my career! This was early 1950, I graduated in 1951 and enrolled in a school of photography.
The government had other ideas and I ended up in the U. S. Air force for 4 years. I was assigned to a photo squadron, where else? I learned about a lot of different cameras. This experience projected me forward through a myriad of job opportunities, and all of a sudden I was doing ADVERTISING ASSIGNMENTS! I earned a Master of Photography Degree with the Professional Photographers of America Inc., Association. I was also consumed by art and artists and found I could produce unique abstract art, just like artists, with film and camera.
My artwork is mainly composed of geometric abstracts developed over a period of time through the use of film and camera photography. Unique scenic situations are also part of my repertoire. The digital age allowed me to elaborate the abstract designs even further into exciting combinations of the forms and preserve them onto canvas with pigment ink for permanent display. I’ve had several one man exhibitions in the city of Camas and Vancouver WA, and a book published of my artwork titled: VISIONS OF LIGHT by Raymond J. Klein.
I am a member of Gallery 360 where I enjoy my art sales. I also am a member of a camera club called the Film Pack Camera Club of Vancouver, WA, where camaraderie is enjoyed with other photo enthusiasts.
See more information here: http://www.raymondjklein.com/

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