Joan Giddings

I came to watercolor rather late in my life, but married to an artist, I suppose that some of his passion for painting rubbed off on me. For that I am most thankful because telling a story using the medium of watercolor, no matter how small a story, has become one of my great joys in life.

Many of those stories involve fishing and memories of my father, an avid and skilled fly fisherman. I paint my fishing themes as a tribute to him.

We are surrounded by beauty, in the simple and most humble things right before us but often overlooked—a window ledge with a potted hydrangea, a late summer Hawthorne branch heavy with brilliant red berries in lush green foliage, an old wooden beach fence hung with fishing floats with seagulls in the air.

People have a lot in common and if a viewer sees something in one of my paintings that triggers a pleasant memory or good thought then I feel twice rewarded.

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