Genuine moldavite belongs in a class of its own. It is truly a unique gemstone. It was formed 15 to 20 years ago from the impact of a strong meteorite stream. Moldavite (the only known gem quality stone from extra-terrestrial origin) is the most important. The enormous heat and pressure created by the impact fused the meteorite and catapulted them back into Earth’s atmosphere. Once the meteorites had fallen back to Earth, they began breaking apart and spreading hundreds of kilometres within the Moldau River Valley. This is north-eastern Prague in Czechoslovakia. Moldavite has a unique surface sculpture due to the interaction between the atmospheric and cooling magma.

Moldavite, scientifically, is classified as a member from the Tektite family. The Greek term tekto, which literally means “molten,” is how the term Tektite was derived. It refers a form of natural glass that has been formed from high temperatures and pressure after meteorites impact the Earth. Tektites only exist in a narrow region along the equator, about 80° wide.

Tektites typically have a heavily pounded surface and appear black in color at first glance. However, transparent areas and golden tints can be often seen around the edges if they are held up to strong lighting.

Tektites have been discovered in Thailand. Moldavite was found only in Czechoslovakia’s Moldau River Valley. Moldavite can be described as a rare gem. It is prized due to its unique deep, green color and clarity.

Moldavite is a powerful stone that has been used for centuries to harness its metaphysical energies. Moldavite jewellery was given as gifts to royalty in the Middle Ages. Today, you can feel the transformative energies of this “stone of transformation”.

Moldavite is capable of generating energy even for people who aren’t usually sensitive to stones. A typical sensation is heat, which radiates from a stone, and pulsating energy.

Moldavite’s powerful energies will help you break free from past patterns, limitations, and other limiting beliefs.