Apps make it possible for the Church Software Helper to communicate anytime, anywhere. This expands the church’s reach beyond Sunday morning. Unfortunately, some instances have seen app users outnumbering church members. This occurs when church members share the app, a sermon, a blog post, or a daily devotional with friends. Take a look at the below list to understand the power of church apps and mobile technology.

Gifting via mobile

It’s easy to create a mobile solution for your website, especially if it has a mobile-friendly donate page. It’s very easy to modify it if your site doesn’t. Instead of spending money on expensive mobile-providing programs, import web content from your website onto your smartphone.

Message Notes

Your mobile solution should be compatible with a sermons system. Most people who use this feature do their work on an Android tablet or iPad.

Push Notifications

There are many things that enhance functionality. But groups are important for churches. You don’t want the word of the womens’ ministry to reach the general church.

Daily scripture/devotional

Connecting with your congregation through daily inspirational content is a wonderful way to build trust. Automate this if time or resources are limited. You can update your app with messages from several free providers.

Listen to sermon recordings on YouTube

Most churches upload sermons via YouTube or Vimeo. This is a straightforward functionality. Your app is automatically updated whenever Vimeo or YouTube update your app.


You will receive on your smartphone a reminder of what the event is, driving instructions and when to leave your location in order for it to be on time. A boost in attendance will be a good thing for any event.