The following information provides general information on Rotaryana Kitchen Coffe & Laundry Equipment in the Coffee Industry. I apologise if I’m “Teaching” you how to suck eggs. As a consultant in the Coffee World, I’ve been helping clients choose the right equipment for their needs. You will be pleasantly surprised to hear that I have answered the question “What is an egg?” These facts are facts. Here’s my interpretation of them and how I advise them.

In the last 10 to 15 year, there have been many shifts in UK’s enthusiasm for coffee. Real espresso-based coffees are in high demand. In the last 30 years, instant coffee was the only way to get coffee. Based on my past experiences selling coffee machines that make “real bean” espresso-based coffees to food and drink businesses, I can tell you what I know. These businesses would not consider anything less than a traditional Espresso or Bean to Cup machine. In those days, espresso was considered a foreign product. The need to travel “foreign” was not seen by businesses.

All of that is now history. With the rise of coffee bars on High Street, big names have emerged. The UK’s rise in Cafe Culture and the popularity of “American” food outlets. Coffee perceptions have changed. The UK is now officially a country of coffee drinkers. Many independent coffee shops have turned to more sophisticated methods to produce coffee to stay competitive in the market. You can make high-quality espresso coffee using either an Italian-style Espresso machine or a more advanced Bean to Cup automatic coffee machine.