Many people are skeptical about physical therapy as a form of healthcare. What exactly is physical therapy? It is an alternative to regular doctor visits. How can PTs help me? Although there are many questions surrounding PTs, this article will answer them all. Visit MVMT Physical Therapy NC before reading this.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy can be used to treat a medical condition that restricts mobility. The aim of physical therapy is to reduce daily difficulties and simplify daily activities. It should not be used as a replacement for a doctor’s visit. Rather, it is often prescribed by doctors to patients to treat an ailment. A doctor may prescribe physical therapy appointments for a period of one to two months if the subject has a serious hairline fracture on the leg. These appointments will be scheduled once the leg is fully healed. However, they are designed to strengthen the leg in the absence of walking. The appointments can be made at a private hospital or in a hospital. They are done in conjunction with the insurance and doctor.

Who are physical therapists?

PTs, licensed healthcare professionals with a graduate degree, are trained to use best practices in muscle and body rehab. Many PTs have an athletic background and are trained to treat injuries. They are a better option to long-term prescription drug abuse or surgery. If surgery is required, they can help to reduce pain and aid in rehabilitation. Private clinics, hospitals and home-health agencies are all places that can provide PTs.

What can a patient with a new diagnosis expect?

During the first consultation with a PT one can expect a diagnosis of the condition and a summary. Also, beginner activities will be offered to ease the pain. One can expect to follow a regular program of exercises, stretches and other activities that target the condition and treat it after several appointments. Many of these activities are easily done at home and do not require multiple visits to the clinic. A PT will request that patients practice the stretches outside of their appointment. Treatment centers, however, are equipped with a range of tools and machines that can assist in treatment.